Tour Reservations


2016/2017 Tour Season: September 28, 2016 – June 1, 2017
2017/2018 Tour Season: Reservations will begin on August 30, 2017.
Summer Season: Centennial Farm does not offer any summer tour program. The annual OC Fair does offer Kids Days on Thursdays during the annual OC Fair. For more information visit ocfair.com/promotions.


Centennial Farm is a three-acre working farm at the OC Fair & Event Center created to educate youth about agriculture and its importance to daily life. Centennial Farm is home to fruit and vegetable gardens, livestock, and the Millennium Barn. Centennial Farm offers two youth educational tour programs: Jr. Farmer Tours and Discovery Days.

Below is a chart to help you find the appropriate program for your group.

  Jr. Farmer Tour Discovery Days
Age Group

K – 3rd Grade Only
(Ages 5-9)

All grades and ages
(Recommended for preschools, homeschools, youth groups, etc.)

Tour Style


(Volunteers are present to provide information.)


9 am and 11 am tour start times
(Plan for traffic.)

9 am to Noon
(Arrive before 11 am)

Length of Tour

1.5 hours
(Shortened for late arrivals.)

At your own pace.

Group Size


Minimum of 10 children.

Maximum of 23 children per group
with no more than 7 groups per tour time.

No limitations

Minimum of 6 children.
Less than 5 children click here.

Day is limited to a total 950 children.


Groups of 10 to 14 children: 2 chaperones total.
Groups of 15 to 23 children: 3 chaperones total.
Chaperone includes the teacher.

No limitations


No siblings, infants, or children who are not part of the class.

Yes, include on your reservation application.


Jr. Farmer Tour Video

Discovery Day Video

Admission & Parking

While there is no admission and parking cost to visit our facility, donations are greatly appreciated. If your school is able to make a donation, we have a suggested donation amount of $1 per student. Thank you for your support!

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